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The Highest Standard Rental Units For Tenants In 
New Philadelphia, Ohio 

South Bend Management's Mission, is Providing Exceptional Management to our High Quality Apartments and Commercial Buildings in the Local Area.

Tenant Screening

Extensive background checks are done to each individual tenant to ensure that the safety of our buildings are kept.

Rent Collection

Our online portal allows users to easily pay their rent online, with their phone or computer. Allowing for contactless, easy, and stress free payment. It also gives you access to records of every single payment you make.


All our buildings are protected by security systems, including 24 hour security cameras. Additionally, each apartment is secured with a double locking system. At your request we will install an extra lock.


Property inspections are a very important part of our duties. We do semi yearly inspections for all of our units. This gives us better understanding of the condition of the property. Also we have Security systems for all of our buildings. 


In an emergency situation we will be there the same day. Other upgrades and repairs can be imputed into our online request system. With this system you can attach pictures and messages to help us better understand the request. This allows us to respond quickly, keep you updated, and complete tasks in a timely manner.

What Sets South Bend Management Apart From the Rest?

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We Actually Know Your Name

We have 3 different communication pathways that allow our tenants to be in constant communication with us and keep them informed about all items related to the unit. Communication is the key to successful tenant landlord relationship.

We Build Relationships

Communication is key to our successful tenant-landlord relationships. Our tenant portal has a unique messaging system that allows us to communicate with ease. But, more importantly we also communicate with our tenants, through phone calls, texts, and emails. We constantly check and quickly respond to your important messages.


We Are Experienced Pro's

From our experience in the local area we are able to be competitive in pricing on the rental market at the same time succeed in expectations and quality.

We have years of experience in the local area, we know neighborhoods, people, and housing. We are able to be competitive in our pricing, while exceeding in quality and expectations.


Our Systems and Processes

We use Buildium and we have an extensive on ground team to manage our properties.

Our tenant portal Buildium allows everything to be in one place for convenience. Rent, maintenance, messaging, leases, etc. On top of that we have multiple maintenance teams to quickly and effectively solve issues.

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